Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It takes a village to raise a flower

Tanya's mail order of plants and bulbs was scheduled to arrive while we were away. She left the money with Lucia and instructions with Lena. The shipment comes from The Netherlands and of course, with living plants, time is of the essence.

One of our neighbours heard that the mail lady was off sick and called Lucia. Lucia sent Zhenia to the village post office to see if the package had arrived. Our village is essentially a road on each side of the Yellow River several km long with yards of varying sizes, like a strung out acreage development. The Village Centre is 5 km from our place. One drives the first 2 km at between 5 and 10 kmph and the next 3 km at between 15 and 20 kmph. Going to the Post Office is not a task to be taken lightly. The Post Office was closed.

One of the men whose milk cow passes our corner enroute to pasture everyday works at the Selski Soviet or village council office which is located next door to the post office. Lucia gave him the money to pay for the package and in due course it arrived and the plants were plante and watered. Survival is questionable but the company stands behind its sales with replacements.

Yesterday we thanked the lady who had tipped off Lucia that the package would need to be picked up.


  1. Wow you have some very trustworthy people over there. Here you give sombody money and never see them again. Or when you do it's "money? what money?"
    Although I have picked up several packages for a neighbor. Some of us are honest.

  2. Hey Dad, glad you're back in the blog-o-shpere. Miss you being in Canada, but this is almost as good.


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