Sunday, October 18, 2009

Going to Kyiv for Ribs

Yesterday we took the Express train to Kyiv (and back) in order to enjoy a feast of ribs from TGI Fridays. A long day. 18 hours bed to bed, 16 hours door to door and 14 hours station to station with 5 hours in Kyiv. It was a fun trip but we were dead tired when we got home.

Actually we went to deliver packages from friends in Canada for their relatives in Kyiv.

And the ribs were nowhere as good as Tony Roma's in West Edmonton Mall. Tanya says she will remember those babyback ribs for a long time. I think Tony Roma's has replaced the Chinese restaurant in Calgary's Deerfoot Mall as Tanya's favourite restaurant in Canada


  1. Get em while you can Fodder, TGI Fridays just went bankrupt on the west coast here and closed all their outlets in our state.

  2. D - yes, I saw that. Seems the owners of those particular franchises didn't pay their franchise fees ($5 million) to TGIF but claim Fridays cut them out of a purchasing coop which cost them ($6 million) more than the franchise fees.

    TGIF got a court injunction against them which is why they closed. Isn't litigation fun?

  3. That's hilarious that you went to TGI Fridays. The only time I have ever been to a TGI Fridays was in Kyiv, and I'm guessing it's the same one you went to? Hilarious.

  4. Hi uncle Al! Wow, so many interesting stories from Ukraine! It was so nice to see you and Tanya at Bronwyn and Wade's wedding and hope to see you again sometime soon! Take care!

  5. Ah, yes; enterprise capitalism. Ain't it a great thing!? Right?


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