Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Day Dawned Clear and Cold

So we seized the opportunity to do outdoor work.

Tanya attacked her flower beds to continue getting them ready for winter. She covered planted bulbs and some small plants with leaves to provide them extra protection, built little shelters around other plants and filled them with leaves. She likes leaves from our walnut trees as she says they are "yad" or poisonous to fungi and other plant diseases. She cut off more tall flowers and put them in a large vase for the house. And the "last rose of summer", actually two of them, lovely coral blossems, that appeared just after the start of fall rains, are now gracing our kitchen table.

I attacked the dog run, cleaning it up and getting their winter bed all snug and warm (er). I raked and swept all the leaves in their yard into a huge pile, along with leaves from the driveway. There were enough dry leaves that the pile burned, more or less. Lots of smoke but the wind was away from our house towards the marsh.

The dogs had a good run while we were working. Kuchma came over to see them and went to rub up against Volk in a friendly fashion as cats do. Volk promptly rolled over on his back in submission (or maybe he thought Kuchma would give him a tummy rub?). When I was cleaning up inside the room where their bed is, I noticed their eating habits. They each have a food dish into which I pour their dry dog food pellets, usually enough for two or three days, spilling some on the floor too. Volk eats the ones off the floor first, then eats from the dish. Bobik empties his dish then cleans up the floor.

It is now 7:00 pm and -2C. It will be cold tonight.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your day. I didn't know you had dogs, and wondered what they are for since I associate dog runs with hunting dogs. Here, dogs that don't work outdoors often live indoors--as do my two.

  2. They are Fox Terriers which Tanya says are too big for the house. they are mostly for to make me take them for walks.


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