Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Women Want

Tanya was busy on the phone this morning organizing our day. Finally, she turned and headed for the stairs, "Let's go. Do you need more time?"
"No, I was just waiting for instructions; for you to tell me what you want."
"You are 62 years old and you don't know what women want?"
"Not a clue."
"Women only want three things".

A little later we were driving downtown and she said, "Have you got money? I don't have any."
"Yes, here is 500 hrivnas. That is one."

Then, later she was showing off to Roman her new silver jewelry we bought in Istanbul.
"OK. That's two. What is the third?"
"I'll tell you tonight."

Who knew life was so simple?


  1. "Who knew life was so simple?"

    Maybe you just have a wife with simple needs. Maybe other men--I can think of one--have wives with complex needs. Maybe you are lucky.


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