Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Apple a Day

Tanya and Lena are picking apples today.  Tanya asked me to take some pictures of our apples to send to Ky but I figured I'd post them instead.  These are of our two very tall apple trees where we "grow fruit in the heavens" as Tanya's niece Sveta says.  We have several others but not as impressive as these two trees.  All our fruit trees yielded incredibly good this year.  The apples were so heavy on the branches that, combined with high winds, wee will have lots of pruning problems in February.  There are a great many broken branches that will have to come off.

The grapes are also ripe and ready to pick.  We have been eating them off the vine for a week or so already.  I'd like to make grape jam and jelly with some at least.


  1. how absolutely wonderful.....I love the picture of the grapes!!!!!

  2. To think of all the great things you can make with apples and grapes.

  3. Wow! What a harvest!

    You'll have lots of jam and jelly to make — probably enough for your whole neighbourhood.

  4. Awesome amounts of stuff! Jealous!!

  5. Send me a grape. What could it cost...I mean, just the postage would be $5, but I'm worth it....right?

    And if it gets squished in shipping, I'll already have grape preserves.

    Many, MANY years ago, I reached over the fence and stole a green apple from a mean neighbor's tree. Since then, I've never tasted as apple as delicious as a stolen one.

  6. I cannot believe how many apples are on that tree!!! And they look so beautiful!
    Ours are so wormy and rotten compared to them.
    And Grapes!! Seriously, you guys live in the coolest place.

  7. Dana, I'd send you an entire box of grapes but your Dept of Ag won't let them in.

    Today I need to look up how to make jam and jelly. I have lots of Certo, thanks to Ky.


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