Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 Signs It is Fall Time in Marianivka

10. The temperatures are going down to +10 at night and reach +20 in the day.
9. We put a blanket on the bed.
8. We packed away our summer clothes and dug through our storage to find our winter clothes.
7. Apples are almost ready to pick and crows are eating them off the trees.
6. I was cold all day.
5. Kuchma thinks he should be in the house all day.
4. Tanya is yelling at me to wear slippers in the house.
3. Hot soup at lunch tastes really good and warms me up.
2. I put away my cream coloured summer shoes and got out my black winter shoes.
1. Tanya has begun planting fall bulbs and transplanting perennials which will keep her busy until winter.


  1. Sounds pretty much like "10 Signs It Is Fall Time in Biggar, or Outlook, or, well, pretty much wherever."

    Leaves on the trees have started to change in Saskatoon. Much change in your area?

  2. 10, 9, 8, 6 and 3 applied here in summer.

  3. Rob, not yet. End of Sept likely.
    DC, you are too funny. I believe you. Good summer to be somewhere else - warm and dry. Are you mildewed yet?

  4. DC may not be mildewed, but I've got moss growing on my north side.


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