Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Masha Begins Second Class

Today was the first day of school here in Zhovti Vody.  The ceremony was pretty much the same as last year, welcoming the First Class, other than it was cut a few minutes short by rain which is still falling as I write.  There were three rooms of First Class and judging from the Preg-os and the Preschoolers, there will be lots of First Classes in the years ahead.  Masha was with her Second Class group over on one side and not nearly as excited as she was last year.

Somebody just shoot us, please.

"Why should I smile", Masha said.

Dad, Mom and Masha
Proud grandparents
Please, Mom, can I go to school too?  Can I, huh?  Please, can I?
First Class Moms


  1. Wow, Masha is already bershon* at such a young age? That's impressive. The teen years will be hard for her parents. Her expression in the top photo is just priceless.


  2. Aren't grandchildren great!!

  3. Great word, Ky. I sent the definition to her Mom. She will be a terror as a teen, oh yes!!
    DK, they sure are.

  4. I also like the little red-haired boy in the top picture with the big yawn.

  5. Such pomp and circumstance for opening day.

  6. Maybe a touch more pomp and circumstance in Canadian schools would be useful. We've gotten awfully sloppy about a lot of things.

  7. Oh Ky, I LOVE the new word!! I happen to be living with a 13 year old who's picture should be included in the definition!!

    I can't believe no one has commented on the "First Class A**" of the First Class Mom's. Maybe it takes a FancyA** to know one??


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