Friday, September 17, 2010

Utility Rates

Our gas rate went up about 30% this fall, so I checked what we are now paying against good old Saskatchewan Crown Corporation rates.  By the way, I am proud of our government owned utilities, found their prices and service far superior to neighbouring free enterprise Alberta.
Regina gas and electricity prices are based on total paid out over two years divided by consumption and include monthly service charge, utilization charge and taxes so it is comparable to what we pay ie it covers the total bill. The house was an average comfortable, well insulated bungalow with basement.  (Informant can identify themselves if he or she chooses).

Gas - Regina $0.45/m^3 Ukraine $0.15/m^3
Electricity - Regina $0.14/kwh Ukraine $0.0327/kwh

We have nothing to complain about for utility fees if only the economy would allow people to earn a living so they could pay them


  1. I don't know about the gas but our rates U.S. here are $0.08/kwh but then here in the northwest we have hydro powered generation. I think Canada has more taxes on their energy.

  2. Our gas rates peaked in 2008 and have been coming down since then.

  3. The electric rate in Regina is listed at about $0.10/kwh. Plus monthly fee, plus tax, plus municipal surcharge.


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