Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Khakasia 2

Here are some landscape pictures of Khakasia which Tanya and I took back in early June of 2006.  It has everything - mountains, foothills, rugged hills and rocky outcroppings and flat land between the hills.  No great sweeps of flat land like the prairies, though. 

Horse bands likely belonging to native Khakasians
Herefords of Canadian breeding grazing early pasture
Cropping is 50:50 summerfallow to conserve moisture
with all the salinity problems to go with it
Flat plains always end at a ridge of hills, they don't go on forever
Small fields among trees and grass
Good grazing and rugged hills
Light soil, lots of sandy areas
Village outside Turim
Turim was a "company town" beside a huge copper mine.  When the mine gave out, so did the city.  It is pretty much deserted now.  You could buy a 5 floor block of flats for a dollar, I expect.


  1. So similar to Saskatchewan — flat land, some hills, and petered out mines.

  2. Very interesting. I does look like a beautiful area. I expect the weather is also similar to Saskatchewan.

  3. Judging by the size of the trees and landscape I'd say it gets colder than sin there.

  4. I'd say it is much more like Montana or Alberta foothills. And since you ask about climate, I just happened to have some slides on the subject. See today's blog for details.


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