Thursday, September 16, 2010


Tough to find anything to blog about lately.  Politics wears a bit thin after a while.  I'm hoping that the bumper sticker "PALIN-BECK 2012 It's a no-brainer" wins the competition.  But other than that, nothing very cheery if you care about the state of the world.

Tanya was at the market on Sunday and brought home sweet farm cream so thick it doesn't pour.  Also fresh farm cottage cheese.  She mixes this together with farm honey we just got and eats it with tea.  This is died and gone to heaven fare.

Speaking of, she is hard at fall flower gardening.  Yesterday she planed about 300 bulbs of various sorts and today again.  Tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, lilies. She is also transplanting again.  Her flowers need not ever feel too settled in their beds as they are apt to be relocated when the season is right.

Kuchma thinks it is fall.  He is getting fat and sleeping in the house as much as he can get away with.  He committed an unpardonable in the corner the other day instead of meowing to go outside and was banished for three whole days.   Today I let him back in and he wasn't yelled at, so it was safe.

The dogs are enjoying their freedom for a few hours each day now.  they hang around usually though once in a while they take off for somewhere.  the other day I walked outside and they were sooo glad to see me, jumping up at me and bounding around.  Took a second to realize not only were they muddy and wet, they had rolled in something joyful and the fumes would bring tears to a glass eye.

I'm in process of applying for new passport as mine runs out in 7 months.  One cannot go anywhere with less than 6 months on a passport.  Got my picture done today, will pick it up tomorrow and try and find a guarantor that fits the requirements.  Doesn't say they have to know English so we'll likely go with our lawyer friend Tanya and fill in everything except her signature.


  1. Even a fairly mundane life can be a "mixed bag of tricks."

    And Hodge-Podge; wasn't he regularly on Hockey Night in Canada?

  2. Hodge-Podge? Wasn't he Don Cherry's side kick?

    Funny, I planted tomatoes last year and tended to them like babies and what did I get for the effort? Got about 6 'maters. This year they regrew by themselves in the plot. I did nothing to them and have more tomatoes than I know what to do with. Go figure.

  3. Tomatoes that regrow the next year? that is amazing. From the roots or did the plants survive the "winter" or what? Tomatoes are perennials or biannuals? I never heard of such. More detail, please.


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