Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Winter

I love Tanya.

When I wake up at night sometimes and find her snuggled up against me and her arm over me, hugging me, I feel so loved.  I am thankful every day (and a little puzzled) that she loves me as much as she does.

Because I delight in catching her off guard and doing or saying something totally stupid.  A non-sequitur that puts her in kinks. Some days it doesn't take much if she is in a giddy mood.

When a man gets old, his hair starts falling out but growing back in his nose and ears.  Jeff Foxworthy says if you pull on an old man's nose hair, you can watch his hairline recede. We were driving into town yesterday when she reminded me that it had been (quite) a while since I trimmed my nosehair.  I said "It's winter".

She lost it.  I guess the visual was too much for her.


  1. You can be really brutal, BF. That's one of your many endearing characteristics.

  2. I'm glad you found someone that fits with you. Just dropped by to look at your blog. I don't know shit about Ukraine, guess I'll look into it some.

  3. My Mike can relate. He's mentioned on more than one occasion that it's a cruel twist of fate that causes a man to lose hair on the top of his head while creating an abundance in his ears and nose.

  4. Always wondered what purpose nature had for that.


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