Friday, February 18, 2011

Picture frames

Reading several series of comments on Facebook (You know who you are, Violet) reminded me of a game a friend and I invented many years ago.

Jim and I were both misfits working for the Honourable Company of Adventurers Trading out of Hudson's Bay, also known as the Here Before Christ company, in Inuvik NWT, back in 1972.  Inuvik had a population of about 5,000 or more and the store was large enough to support about 10 "management trainees".  That was the handle the company used so they could pay us a monthly salary instead of by the hour so we worked for CHEAP.  Parties were plentiful in Inuvik especially during the long winter nights and they tended to be BORING if one's IQ was higher than that of, say, an active parsnip or the average Bay Boy.

Jim and I invented a party game called "Picture Frames", of which maybe one or two others were privy.  At some point in a conversation at a party, one of us would use the words "picture frames" in a sentence.  This was the clue to carry on an animated conversation in which every utterance had to make sense in and of itself but have absolutely no connection or relevance to anything that had been said before by yourself or any other members of the conversing group.

We would keep this up until we ran out of ideas or until someone noticed.  Usually no one noticed, even if they were part of the conversation.


  1. I'm innocent! But I like the sound of this game.. :)

  2. You know, I've been worrying about the state of my short-term memory, but now I realize I probably just ran into you guys.

  3. Then there is the story of the unfortunate picture. First, they framed him; then, they hung him.

    Anyone ever get hung playing your game?

  4. There is a myth that Louis Riel was hung in Regina but that is a phallacy of gigantic proportions.

  5. Geez..this game will gonna be a mind-bugling! what a brainy idea..:)


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