Sunday, February 20, 2011

Writing is Hard Work

There are several blog topics ruminating* inside inside my head. The problem is that to say what I want to say in a way that makes sense takes a lot of work, a certain amount of research, thinking and rewriting. These are serious posts, and some will even have charts and graphs. No real reason to write them other than to throw out a few more ideas to, as we say in the cattle business, agitate the fecal masses. Not tonight, though.

In the mean time, for Timmies Fans everywhere...

*A pretty picture for my readers knowledgeable in livestock physiology but the rest of you need not concern yourselves too much.  Just think of a 25 gallon gas bag filled with constantly churning organic matter, foul smelling liquid, billions of bacteria, no oxygen and an occasional belch of CO2 and Methane. 


  1. Churning the fecal masses, eh? I like that. Very descriptive.

  2. Writing IS hard work. Not just for you, but for us who do it for a living. Glad you're courageous enough to blog, even at the risk of "getting it wrong" at some points. Not that you do, mind you; you're pretty good at "constantly churning organic matter, foul smelling liquid, billions of bacteria, no oxygen and an occasional belch of CO2 and Methane" inside your head.

    Well done, BF.

  3. I am a master chef when it comes to cooking words with fecal material. Some of my word BBQs have been wonderfully bold, and my shit stews, to die for.

    I have no problem writing. My problem is doing it well. There seems to be nothing out there I don't have an opinion on. If I don't have an opinion, I find one.

    What I think is hard is overcoming the fear of having others read what is on your mind and how well you might present it. I was so concerned about this, I kept my comments turned off for two years. One day I decided that I did not care how it was recieved. I would not only put my words out there, I would allow others to comment on them. Almost always the comments have been positive and encouraging. And because of this and my steady if sometimes erratic routine of blogging regularly, I have noticed my skill set has improved.

    Anyone can write. To write well takes practice. To write words that blow people's socks off, well, I am still looking for that little secret.

  4. That's why I like blogging....who like not writing in complete sentences....saying lol...using these little of periods.My posts are always better in my head ....

  5. Sometimes I get a flash of brilliance but not very often any more. I tend to shoot from the hip and it's either a hit or I miss the target by a country mile.

    And Crum watch out TV is looking for something better than making watching paint dry the next reality show. They just might come looking for you.

  6. Thanks, all. I am working at it. Got maybe half done today or maybe a third.

  7. For some reason that picture reminds me of a feud between a classmate and a teacher in highschool.
    And the reason that I always take my waterbottle with me.

  8. Writing, cleaning it is all hard work. You are the people who do their best in order to make others happy.

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