Saturday, February 26, 2011

Out of the Frying Pan

We bought a new frying pan.  I wanted so badly to claim it was my Valentine's gift to Tanya. She bought me a coffee pot.  But since I am in some trouble already with a couple of my relatives, it is far safer to admit I dropped the lid on the old one and a new lid was half price of a new frying pan.

This pan is totally non-stick so little oil is needed.  It says do NOT cook on high heat and cooks on low heat very rapidly.  Veggies come out crisp and green.  I don't have to add oil to cook ground beef any more.  Our beef gives a whole new meaning to LEAN ground.  Best $50 we spent in a long time.

The brand is Bergner and you can find it here.  They should really pay me for this, don't you think?

And Tanya's Valentine's gift is a dressing table (is that the right name?) for our bedroom, which she has wanted for a long time.


  1. Nothing like a new makes you realize how much you put up with from your old ones...that could be a good example for lots of things, I'm thinking

  2. Hope you don't think of applying it to husbands.

  3. They should pay you money. Is it telling that I get more excited about high quality cookware than, say, new clothing?

  4. Seems like some good deals all around; everybody wins BF. I won't pan your newest cookware.

  5. Looks good, Dad. I want one now!


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