Friday, September 30, 2011

Sumela Hotel Resort Pictures

Front gate

Front entrance

Walk from beach to hotel

Back view of hotel and Cafeteria

Mountains crowd the coast to a narrow strip

Wall to wall resorts

Tanya says that is me out swimming

Sumela* Hotel is a three star all inclusive.  Rooms and meals being the main differential between star ratings but there are other differences.  We have stayed at a 5-star in July with intermittent air conditioning and 40+ temps .  Cost us $2000 for a week.  Never again to that hotel nor in summer.  Last year we stayed at a four star just down the road a pace from here and it was OK.  We liked the looks and price of this place however the internet site was less than truthful in some regards.  The rooms really need redoing and the meals picked up a bit to make it a four star as outside it is lovely and well looked after. 

*Sumela is the name of an old monastery near Trabzon on the Black Sea coast.


Rob-bear said...

Such a delightful place. But a bit of a hike from Canada. I think I'll stick with Banff or Jasper. Even though they are becoming brutally expensive.

The Blog Fodder said...

Not a lot of warm blue clear ocean to swim in up Banff Jasper way

Ky said...

I want to go to there.

Unknown said...