Monday, January 9, 2012

The Cat thinks it is Spring

Just because we are having unseasonably warm weather with temps in the +5C to +10C in the day, the stupid cat thinks it is spring.  He comes in grabs a bite to eat and a cat nap, then meows loudly to go out again.  Then he wants to come in again...then go out again.  This would not be so bad if it were dry outside.  It is not.

We are having "West Coast" weather.  Cloudy all day and night.  Mist, drizzle and once in a while rain.  It is cold, wet, muddy and miserable. If Kuchma sleeps outside in his chair long enough before we let him in, his feet dry off and he just leaves lumps of mud inside the house where ever he cleans his feet . 

But when he comes straight in, mud to the hocks, leaving tracks, he is less than welcomed by some parties. He seems to know when he is going to be in trouble.  He comes in through the door and ducks behind the furniture so Tanya can't grab him.  Doesn't work.  He is quickly hauled into the bathroom where a wet rag is used to scrub at least the thick of the mud off his feet.  Kuchma does not really appreciate this but will grudgingly accept it since it means he can eat and sleep inside.

Once a day for this is enough but three or four times is too much of a nuisance.


  1. Oh, I know the feeling. Well, not getting my paws cleaned, but the rest. (Have you ever tried to clean a Bear's paws? Almost as bad as doing a cat's — if you can get close enough to the Bear.)

    I think that's what my problem is. I feel like I should be up and going, but I'm just way too tired.

    Maybe Kuchma and I could sit and commiserate. Your back shed, perhaps. Or are the dogs still there?

  2. He looks completely innocent to me. And very clean.

  3. Solution?

    Get him a calendar!

    He looks pretty smart to me.

    And more trainable than any of the GOP candidates.

    Love ya,


  4. Augh! Keep his fine fluffy bird-eating self inside and you wouldn't have a mud problem! [Stepping off soapbox, with clean feet] Nobody I know is having a normal winter. We've had hardly any rain in Oregon.

  5. Maybe a cat fence around the back patio might help. I live on the second floor so that was never a problem.

  6. He got a bath yesterday but only stayed in the house to dry off. didn't eat or sleep. today I didn't see him but Tanya said his face was all bloody from fighting so I guess it is officially spring.

    I can tell from the comments that none of you have ever lived in a village. Kuchma is a FARM cat. Essentially he lives in a farm type environment.

  7. There are no stupid cats. They always have a reason for everything they do - they just don't let us in on it.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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