Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tanya's Name Day

Today, January 25th is the Feast Day of Saint Tatiana of Rome (January 12th on the Julian Calendar). It is also Robbie Burns Day so  presumably the saint balances off the sinner. Saint Tatiana is venerated by Orthodox Churches (and possible others, I don't know).  At any rate a complete list of her miraculous recovery from torture in 3rd century Rome can be found here.  They would wail on her all day and next morning after a night of prayer, she would appear before her accusers perfectly healed.  They finally cut off her head...(the original "Highlander"?).

Many countries celebrate "Name Days", which is to say if you are named Tatiana then your name day is January 25th. Tatiana is also the Patron Saint of Students so Tatiana's Day is also known as Students Day in Russia. 

A name day is is not quite as important as a birthday but still requires recognition.We needed groceries anyhow so we went into the city.  Flowers for Tanya and Tania and the four of us (Masha was already out of school for the day, Andrei was at work) had lunch at Sweet House, a not bad restaurant and a break from Marichka where we usually go. 

Next is Valentines Day which is catching on here, though International Women's Day, some 3 weeks after, is far more important. It is celebrated here like Valentines Day in North America. 

I am slowly learning "Do NOT miss buying flowers on important days". (like Tuesdays???).  But it isn't easy.  Our family was never much for celebrating "Hallmark" Days.  We did try to remember the kids' birthdays, though at least one has not forgiven her mother and I for forgetting many years back.  Apparently busy was not a valid excuse.


  1. That is because you remembered Graeme's THE VERY NEXT DAY.

    1. We forgot yours too? I thought it was just Ky's we forgot

  2. ツ Tanya's Name Day ツ To all whose name is Tanya and to all students: ☆彡HAVE AN AMAZING DAY!!! ☆彡


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