Thursday, January 26, 2012

Darren is in the Doghouse

A Facebook friend of mine, we'll call him Darren because that's his name, posted this on his status yesterday.  Too funny.  His wife immediately countered that he was in the doghouse and his sister followed by posting the link to the JC Penny Doghouse ad, below.

Which takes us to a whole new area.  Gifts for women.  Men will never understand why women aren't happy when they get some electronic gadget for their birthday or Christmas gift. Men are ecstatic.  I got a jigsaw for Christmas from Tanya and thought I had died and gone to heaven.  If she gave me a slow cooker, same thing.  Women, not so much. There is no use trying to understand, just don't do it. Unless they are the practical kind and actually ask for it because they need it anyhow and finances are tight.

After I left Grad School, we lived in northeastern Saskatchewan for three years.  it was 100 miles to the nearest decent shopping and I made the trip once a week.  Ella usually went with me but the kid(s) were young and she couldn't always.  So one Saturday, I drove into Nipawin and among other things bought a garden wheelbarrow as we talked about needing one for around the yard.  Half way home, it occurred to me that the next day was Mother's Day and I had no gift for Ella. 

Able to resist anything but temptation and knowing exactly what I was doing, I proudly presented her with the wheelbarrow as her Mother's Day gift.  She did NOT see the joke as funny and even on her deathbed I doubt she forgave me.

Jewelery is fine if it is real.  Flowers, of course.  Perfume if you actually KNOW what she wears.  Real estate (but NOT potting soil).  Holidays to exotic resorts.  Gift certificates.  These kinds of things.  But certainly not anything useful.


  1. Great video. We guys are truly clueless and I guess deserve what we we get, even when we don't know why.

  2. I have another video of several guys in emergency after Christmas, bloodied and bruised because of inappropriate gifts. I am looking for it but my files are like Davy Jones' locker, they do not give up their dead.

  3. Thanks, AM. I haven't heard from you in a long time.

  4. That video is hilarious. And I laughed when I read that you gave your wife a wheelbarrow!

    A funny thing. My husband (Mike) tells me I'm "not like other women." I think jewelry and flowers are a waste of money (he wholeheartedly agrees). We both hate perfume. ...

  5. CD, there are a great many women like you. Ella was more like you. Tanya is more the other way. Figuring it out is fraught with danger. I like buying jewelery and flowers so it is not hardship for me. As long as I REMEMBER.


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