Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grandma Turns 92 Today

My kid's last remaining grandparent completed her 92 year today and is still pretty chipper for an old girl.  One of my "must visits" on my trip home in December was to see her.  She was the best Mother-in-Law a person could ever hope for and I love her dearly.

She is living in a senior's residence not quite a year now, in the same city as her youngest son, leaving her home of some fifty odd years.  Her short term memory was getting so bad it scared even her.  She would forget where she put money or her keys or something and then stew about it no end until she found it again.  She quit likes her new place but would rather live on her own if she could of course. She says there is nothing to do there.  And worse, no one to look after. She, who spent her whole life looking after everyone else, feels lost without busy work.  So she reads a lot.  The place has a good library so she never has to walk far for another book.

She is in good health she says and now that she gets three square meals a day has actually gained some needed weight.  Tanya bought her wooly PJs and felt slippers for me to take her and the slippers fit but the PJs were too small.

Her little dog, Vicki, (who used to be my little dog), now stays at her son's place, and can only visit periodically but can stay all day on Fridays.  Vicki still knows who she loves and sits on Grandma's lap any chance she gets.

I called her just now to wish her Happy Birthday.  She had had several calls (couldn't remember from who all but could if we gave her time, I expect) and was surprised I remembered and would call from so far away. We chatted on the phone for about 10 minutes. I asked what she was going to do for her birthday.  She said read a book, go for meals, go to bed and keep breathing.  Same as she does every day.

Happy Birthday, Grandma, and keep healthy (and breathing) for many more years.


  1. My lovely wee Grandma! Thanks for reminding me of her birthday. And, let's be honest, for posting a picture of Vicki. I miss her so much! And Grandma too.

  2. I'd bet she can remember stuff that happened 70 years ago like it was yesterday. Funny how our minds work as we age. My grandma could remember things before there was electricity but not where she left her purse. Long gone now she was a walking history book.

  3. Lyn, I hope you phoned her on Skype for her birthday. It is 2 1/2 cents per minute.

    Demeur, one of the things I miss about my folks is their knowledge of history of the community I grew up in.
    You are right that Grandma can remember clearly events of her youth or even a decade or so ago.

  4. That's a sweet, loving post, Blog Fodder. May God bless and keep your mother-in-law feeling content and cared about in her later years and new surroundings.

    What Demeur said is so true. As many age, their memory and other faculties get rusty. But they still know and appreciate kindness, closeness and being remembered.

  5. Thanks, SW. She truly is an awesome lady.


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