Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Next Year Country: "What the Hell do We Want Anyway?"

This blog post very nicely sums up the aims of the Occupy Movement

Next Year Country: "What the Hell do We Want Anyway?": John's Speech to Occupy Regina on 22 October 2011 By John F. Conway January 23, 2012.

Some very powerful and influential people are very, very unhappy with what you are doing and saying.

John Manley, CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives – the group which designed the blueprint for the mess we are in – calls you “ridiculous” and just a bunch of “wanna-bes.” He speaks for the 150 largest Canadian corporations with assets of $4.5 trillion and annual revenues of $850 billion. They are the real rulers of the business dictatorship that now oppresses us.

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  1. I enjoyed the post you referred me to. The Occupy protest here in Eugene just broke up a few weeks ago. As the winter wore on, it appeared to become more a camp for the homeless than a valid protest, and it lost its voice.


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