Monday, January 2, 2012

The Haircut

Yes, Virginia, I still have hair.  With a small amount of grey but not enough to notice.  The problem is as my head gets fatter and my hair gets thinner, I don't like anyone looking down on the top of my head.  Like a poor wheat crop, if you look at it from the road it looks not bad, but get out into the crop and you can see not only is the stand poor but there is likely nothing in the head.

When I got back home from visiting my kids, I needed a haircut desperately as it had been well before I went to Kazakhstan since I had my last one.  Tanya had both of us booked in for 9:00 am, two days after I got home.  Yulia has been cutting my hair since we moved to Zhovti Vody.  Since a haircut is only $5, I can tip her the same amount and we both think we have a bargain.

She takes a full 30 minutes and worries and fusses until it is just right. It is a great haircut when once she decides it is to her satisfaction.  The problem is that the style makes me feel like I look like Victor Yanukovich. Put it another way, how would you feel about a haircut that made you look like Stephen Harper or George W Bush.


  1. Getting your haircut by a woman named Yulia - that's the dream isn't it? I'm jealous, balding or not.

  2. Yulia is 5'4", about 58, greying and quite maternal in her attitude. You don't think Tanya would let me get a haircut from a girl who fits your mental image, do you?

  3. how would you feel about a haircut that made you look like Stephen Harper or George W Bush.

    Like the old joke about the guy that tells his barber that his haircut should cost less because he has less hair. And the barber says that he has to spend more time looking for the hair to cut.

  4. My Dad's cousin used to say there's only 3 days between a bad haircut and a good one. Said another way-it will grow out! It's always easy for others to say that, isn't it. Never mind, with some of my haircuts my family has said I look like Keith Richards and I am a woman!

  5. On my hair crop if you look "from the road" you see a little if you have good eyesight, but from above you just see your reflection. My haircuts take a lot less than the 30 minutes you have.

  6. Barb, I would love to see the haircut that made you look like Keith Richards.
    DC, our grandfather's baldness was passed on to you through your mother. But you still have enough hair to warrant a 15 minute cut.


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