Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And then there were only two

Lina moved back to her flat about three weeks ago and on Sunday, took Krastoka home with her.  And Vovochka, not Bonifatsy (Bonya).

She kind of liked the evil looking little runt with all his antics and curiosity.  She also felt we would have a better chance of finding a home for Bonya or Tigritsa.  Krasotka was glad to be home after almost 4 and a half months away.  Vovo explored everywhere and settle right in.

Bonya and Tigritsa did not do so well the first few days as they kept looking for their mother.  Especially Bonya who tended to be a bit of a Mommy's boy anyhow.  Tanya became the comforter and he would climb on her lap to go to sleep.  Tigritsa was more independent.

The kittens stick pretty close to us.  If we are upstairs, they come upstairs and if we are down stairs they come down again.  But they are actively playing together and curl up together for naps. I bought them four little ping pong ball toys with rattles inside.  They would play keep-away with one of the balls at a time until eventually they ended up where all good toys go - under the couch where they can't reach them.

Tigritsa could play circles around Bonifatsy as she was faster and more agile.  He is bigger and slower.  She performs flawless jump spins and jump somersaults while he is mostly Thump and Bonk. He loves to climb and jump down - thump - and is constantly running into things - bonk.

They play outside in the morning while we drink our coffee on the landing.  Kuchma is usually around and will give nose-to-nose greetings if pressed but mostly ignores them.  Bonya wants to play with him so badly.  Yesterday he pounced on Kuchma's tail.  Kuchma spun around and cuffed him into the middle of next week.  Poor Bonya.

Puh-lease, we are TRYING to sleep
Bonya the carpet climber
Tigritsa is not to be outdone

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