Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sleeping with the Enemy

Ever since their mother and brother went home with Lina, the kittens have taken to sleeping with us.  I use the term sleeping loosely here as it usually consists of about 90 minutes of rough and tumble play before they settle down.  They run up and down our bodies, jump from one to the other and wrestle in the trough between us.  Once in awhile they run up to our shoulders, peer into our faces as if to say, "Aren't you asleep yet?  Are we keeping you awake?" Then they fall asleep between our feet and get booted awake if we roll over or get up in the night.

Three days ago they learned to sleep on a chair beside the bed as they are disturbed less in THEIR sleep.  But if I get up in the night, they wake up and come back to bed with us and play. At 3:00 am, this is not as cute as at 10:00 pm.  Tigritsa then will fall asleep on my pillow while Bonifatsi (Bonya) sleeps on Tanya's feet.  They have decided who belongs to which.

Bonya has been Tanya's baby since his mother went home and he climbed up on Tanya's shoulder, buried his face in her cheek and mewed himself to sleep.  Tigritsa knows I will rescue her when she gets into someplace she is afraid to get out of.

Bonya yesterday climbed up the carpet and then onto the big armoire in our bedroom.  Then he climbed back down again. Tigritsa decided to try it herself today; she made it to the the top of the armoire but was afraid to get down.  So she mewed and Bonya came running to the rescue.  He climbed up and showed her how to get from the top of the armoire to the top of the carpet roll.  No deal. So I had to rescue her.  Tanya says if the kittens continue to play up there she will never have to dust it again.

They have a little rattle ball they play Keep-Away with.  Tigritsa took it upstairs and they played fine until the ball went between the bannisters at the top of the stairwell and fell down over 2 meters, followed by Bonya in hot pursuit (we've now blocked it with a cushion). He was momentarily shaken but no harm done.  I wrote him off as the not-bright-one until Tigritsa went roaring out into the passageway to the outbuilding when I opened the door and promptly fell down the sump hole.  Bonya I could excuse, but she knew the sump hole was there, having played there a few times before.

How do I get down?

Am I glad to see you!

What is SHE doing?

Our sleeping chair


  1. You are making we want a kitten! But I know I won't get one because of the abundant birdlife around here, and the damage pet cats do in killing and discouraging birds from living near us. In this area, cats are a greater problem than mice and rats, unfortunately. And so no one in our immediate neighbourhood has a cat - or if they do, they don't let them outdoors, which to me at least seems unnatural. People have dogs, as they can more easily be contained within a fenced yard. But your two scallywags are just adorable. I love reading about their adventures.

    1. Thank you, Char. They take the monotony out our life when they are young but then they grow up to be cats. We allow them outside to play but they come back into the house where they live. I understand about cats and birds. Our Kuchma is getting old and has taken to marking when he is in the house because we have other cats, so he is banned from the house. He is a bird cat not a mouse cat (they do specialize) and destroyed our swallow families until they outsmarted him.
      My two dogs have a fenced in yard and in fall and winter are allowed out for runs on their own. In spring and summer I have to keep them on a leash or they run through gardens.

  2. Our cat is eighteen years old. We have had her since she was a kitten. She has been an indoor cat all her life. Indoor cats live much longer and they are quite happy as long as they have the company of another cat. Our girl sleeps much of the time - usually with us on our bed at night. She is actually my wife's cat (by her choice.) Where ever my wife is the cat is also there. Her brother died a couple of years ago and as a results she became even closer to my wife. She still has her kitten moments, but not many. She seems healthy but we dread the time we will find her gone - we just hope it is peaceful and not something that will require us to put her down.
    Great cats
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. You are so right that cats need company. I hate to see single cats, dogs (horses, cows) or any other animal that is a social animal. Especially when they are young.

    Our Kuchma is only 12 to 14 years old and has lived here since he was a kitten. He has always had the company of neighbouring cats. He is mostly an outdoor cat who has seen better days. These new kittens are partially to replace him when he dies.


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