Saturday, May 11, 2013

One Kitten to Her New Home

The kittens are two days short of 8 weeks and ready to move to new homes.  Litter box trained, eating and drinking well, pretty much weaned from Krasotka and very independent.

Katya's 13 yr old daughter, Natasha, came to pick up her kitten this afternoon.  She picked the little calico with the white eye.  A good choice, as the kitten is the quietest, likes to spend time by herself playing, loves to have tummy rubs and purrs like a (tiny) engine.  Last night she climbed up by Tanya on the couch, snuggled up to her and went to sleep.

She took to Natasha right away.  We got a little box that the kittens had been playing with, put a soft cloth in it and the kitten settled right down for the walk home.  I am sad to see her go but happy she has such a good place to go to.


  1. Our lives have been shared with four feline family members. We got Prince in college and after a trip to the farm where he so obviously loved his freedom instead of being alone all day while we attended classes and worked nearly full-time jobs, we left him at the farm. I don't know how I did that, but he gave my father such joy that I'm glad I did. Then came Remington, who was adopted as a pet for our dog who cried terribly when we left for work. They were great buddies and when I left my practice, I got to enjoy both of them more. Last came two wild kitty cats, Lil' Ol' Black Kitty (because I didn't mean to keep him so I didn't want to give him a name) and his sister Jacob, because my brain short-circuited and she should have been Joseph, the cat of many colors. All lived long lives and we will miss them forever. Wish I were close enough to choose one of yours! We are petless right now because we want to travel and are so unhappy when we leave our pets for long trips... Someday we will enjoy staying home with pets again, but not having to stay put for jobs, we want to explore the world a bit. We also had two wonderful dogs--Lady, a mutt, and Abbey, a Cavalier spaniel. All the other pets were rescues who found us! And we loved them all!!

    1. You are fortunate to remember your pets. It is so amazing how they can leave such marks in your life, isn't it?
      We had a great many dogs and cats on the farm. They tended to have short life spans as we lived by a busy road. Dogs maybe 4-8 years max.
      I left home at 18 and other than one summer and a year after grad, was rarely back. We had no more pets until 16 years ago when we got a dog. Since that time, I have memories like you have We had five dogs in Canada, three still doing fine.

  2. Aw, that one was Caley's favourite. I'm sad she'll be gone when I get there, but glad she's going to a good home.

  3. Sounds like a lucky kitten. I hope the rest end up so well placed.

    Peace and joy!


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