Monday, May 13, 2013


I dream of houses with halls and walls lined with books.  Books are friends to be kept, not borrowed, not sold in second hand shops.  Leaving Canada meant leaving most of my books behind.  My kids, especially my son, took most of them but some ended up at the RSO fund raiser book sale.  I don't know which ones and I don't want to know.

Books need shelves.  No end of shelves.  HERE is a site with fireplace bookshelf ideas.  Googling bookshelves images will give you more ideas.  Facebook periodically has pictures of unique bookshelves, some of which I have saved.

This one came from HERE and is the only one I liked

Love the idea but a bit unhandy to browse

This is awesome

Several walls of these would be nice

Reading nook or bed under the stairs

All my life I wanted to live in a house with secret doors and passageways

An old piano put to new use.

The idea is good but who sleeps in which bed?
A good idea for slim folks like my brother Stan


  1. I have gotten to where I reject some books because I find the print too small, and unlike you, I rather like getting rid of things because even though I take pleasure in them, I also feel entrapped by them.

  2. Take a look at this library:

    1. I can get rid of things, just not books.
      The thought of a burning library is sad. So many of the great libraries of history have been burned and knowledge lost.

    2. I didn't think of it as a burning library but rather in terms of the fires of passion, beauty, and knowledge, that is contained within books.

    3. Now YOU have a much better approach to life. I like how you saw the picture - as allegory - while I saw it as history.

  3. Wow! I'm still trying to get my mind around the perspective in that last shot. I have to say the "shelf eyrie" intrigues me despite its inconvenience - if only for the fact that Hubby would find it impossible to pile miscellaneous objects in front of my bookshelves the way he does now. :-)

    1. Bookshelves have to do double duty as holder of pictures, knickknacks etc. what I dislike is when these things are "tastefully" arranged in lieu of books on the shelves.


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