Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Masha Graduates from the Fourth Class

Today was graduation day for the Class fours at Masha's school.  All four rooms and over 100 kids of them.  Each room had their own grad exercises and we were treated to 1 hour and 45 minutes of non-stop dancing, singing, skits, poems and general carryings on, followed by the handing out of diplomas and class pictures.

Every kid had several parts in the activities and each one performed well.  Solo performances, small and full group performances...the kids and the teacher(s) went all out.  When one of the mom's on behalf of the parents thanked her, the teacher broke down and cried.

You see, she had been with this room full of kids since they started school four years ago and they were like family to her.  She will be starting with a whole new grou of kids next fall.  And this is the last time the children  will be together as a class, because now some of them will be going to different schools.

Masha's marks were good enough and she passed the entrance exam to go to the Zholti Vody Gymnasium, (which for non-Europeans, is a Social Sciences, Education, Languages and Literature prep school).  Other classmates will no doubt join her there. Another group excelling in math and sciences will go to the Zholti Vody Lytsee.  (Note: Ukrainian usage of the terms may not match German or French usage).

The remaining students will be regrouped into fewer rooms. Next year and in the years following those who make the grade or make up their mind, may also apply to the Gymnasium or Lytsee schools. And at the end of 8th class, some students will go to other schools in the system such as vocational schools.

Some of the girls performing

Masha (left) and a few class mates


  1. The educational systems certainly differ from country to country. I was surprised to see how dressed up they are for fourth graders. It sounds like it was a proud farewell.

    1. Kids learn to dress well at an early age. Many of the boys wear suits to school every day, other shirts and ties. The girls are taught to dress like princesses from very young. They really did get dressed up for this farewell and really enjoyed themselves. The little girl in red above performed a song for their version of "Ukraine's got Talent" and had the moves of a "25 year" old down pat.

  2. My wife taught multi-grades in the Indian villages of Alaska. My wife had the same kids for seven years. By that time they had become our kids.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. I bet they were "your kids". It must have been hard to see them go. Do you keep in touch with any of them?


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