Saturday, May 18, 2013

Life in Ukraine - The Vegetable Market

The wet market in Zhovti Vody is located behind the shopping centre Devyatya (Nine or Ninth) and has a small outdoor market attached to it.  We do not often buy meat at the wet market, preferring the quality at the grocery supermarket Velika Kshenia "Big Spoon" but we often buy vegetables and eggs at the little market as the quality is good and the price is somewhat better than "Big Spoon".  One person owns two stalls there, employing two sales staff and kept busy all day long hauling boxes from his truck to keep their stands full.

Tanya, pictured below, is my favourite to buy from, mostly because of her personality.  She has been there for all the years we have lived here and NEVER stops talking to her customers, NEVER stops moving and ALWAYS suggests further purchases.  There is always a line up at her stall. She could make a fortune selling cookware at an exhibition.  I asked if I could take pictures to post on my blog and she agreed.

Tanya wanted to pose for one picture

Hard at work, bagging, weighing and keeping a running total on the adding machine

Customers bag their own from boxes close to the front of the stall

Produce comes from Turkey and Crimea mainly.


  1. Do you know where the food is grown? Is it one farm that produces most of the vegetables? (except bananas and some items I see that are not yet in season.

  2. And now I see it comes from Turkey and Crimea. I absolutely have to stop hydroplaning when I read something. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. There may be some locally grown in season but storage is a major problem for extended supply times.

  4. We have a farmers market that opens up in a local parking lot three days a week. We try to buy there even though the price is slightly higher than the supermarket...but the products are locally grown and we are supporting the local small farms by shopping there.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Locally grown produce here is available at roadside stands in season and from Babushkas trying to make ends meet by selling a few home grown vegetables on the streets, again in season.

  5. Enjoyed shopping through blog at Ukraine market..Veg produces from turkey are very fresh..due to the distance factor.


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