Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vovochka Ras-Putin Kitten (Pictures)

Our guests from Chelyabinsk went to Kyiv for the day yesterday.  Left on the night train, arrived 7:00 am and did a great deal of sightseeing bt 5:30 when they left to come home on the express.  They were home by 10:30 pm.  Liza (11 yrs) went straight to bed; she was dog tired.

Tanya bought the tickets on-line, using her bank card.  This is NEW and beats standing in line at the ticket agency. Cost for the night train was $15 per person and for the brand new Hundai-built express  was $32.50 per person (double what it was on the old reliable electric train that served so well for so many years).

Today they have gone to Dnipropetrovsk with Tanya to do more shopping and sightseeing.  So Sveta and I have the house to ourselves.

The kittens were 7 weeks yesterday.  Pretty much weaned, on solid food both wet and dry, drinking from a dish, litter box trained.  Next week we will start finding them homes...maybe. Krasotka is getting restless, pacing back and forth, goes outside, comes back inside, meowing constantly.  Sveta says she needs a man but that is Sveta's answer to all women's problems.  She is "on the pill", Krasotka, not Sveta...(well, Sveta might be too, I don't know).  Kuchma is hanging around, paying attention but Krasotka won't have anything to do with him.

Tanya says the black one looks like Putin so she named him Vovochka (pronounced more like Wowochka) which is the ultra-diminutive of Vladimir.  Rob Bear suggested we could call him Rasputin which is a good idea as he is a HOLY terror, especially on bare feet.

When the kittens are awake they are going flat out.  They learned how to climb up on the couch.  Getting down was a challenge at first.  Today they discovered the stairs, though they have only gone to the landing.  We have a hand towel tied to the oven door.  the kittens all reach up and grab it.  Yesterday the little Vovochka swung his back legs up too and swung back and forth.  Then as if on cue they all go to sleep.  They found a good place in the cupboard under the sink.  Dark and quiet.

The other night they were tearing around the house still at 10:30, starting to climb the drapes.  Tanya gathered them up, sent them all to their room and shut the door for the night. I said to her "You are a terrible person; worse than their mother.  they were just having fun".  She sent me to my room and shut the door for the night.

Playing on the couch

Shall we climb on the drapes?

He does look like Putin

MY cushon

Maybe I'll have a cat-nap

Making the leap to a comfy blanket 

The stairs are quite fun to play on

Silly brother will not pose

How do I get down again?


  1. It's true!! The black one DOES look like Putin. That's hilarious.

  2. One might wish that they would always be kittens.

    1. No, children of all species need to grow up and make lives of their own. It is the natural cycle of life. And we parents miss them when they do.

  3. I think you're going to miss their antics when they are gone.

    1. Certainly we will miss them but not likely enough to let Krasotka have another batch...for a while.

  4. Awwwww! I'm so enjoying your kitten posts - mostly because I get to coo over the cuteness without having to deal with hyperactive little furballs careening all over my house. After a couple of decades of cat-ownership, we quit about ten years ago after our last old fart died of cancer. I still miss them... but not enough to get another. ;-)

  5. I thought you had two black cats. Lo and behold: a Putin, and a Ras-putin.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  6. We are unlikely to ever have kittens in our home and so it's lovely to see them in the next best way. Through your eyes. Thanks.


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