Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birds and Cats

Once the little swallows flew away, we shut the door to the passageway where their nest had been. But they kept coming back and hanging around trying to get inside. And they brought friends. One day I counted 17 flying around and perching on the roof. Must have been a good season for them. I hope they don't all try to build nests inside our passageway next year or we'll be knee deep in guano. Last night the door was left open and this morning there were several inside waiting for us perched on the gas pipe or flying around. We shoo'd them outside. the floor wasn't bad.

Cat lovers will already know all this stuff I expect, but I am learning from our cat Kuchma that they really are quite clever. I know all the jokes about dogs have masters and cats have staff. To me, cats are good for catching mice and birds, jumping on the table and eating butter and sleeping in the sun. Lazy and not too bright (like me). Well, Kuchma is lazy but pretty smart too. He talks to us. Sentences. All meows but different lengths, tones and expressions. Who knew? Mostly to do with let me in or out, feed me, the water dish is empty, rub my tummy or stroke my fur. He has learned not to sleep on the bed or at least not to get caught. And since we put a towel on the couch, he is quite happy to sleep there.

Plying one's trade as a Tom Cat in our neighbourhood is pretty tough on Kuchma as he only weighs about 3 or 4 lbs. He has a bald spot as big as a nickle in the middle of his head with four very deep teeth marks in it. That he got last spring. Now he is also lame on his right hind leg. No obvious external injuries and poking and prodding have not elicited any untoward responses. We may have to take him to the vet when we take the pups for their booster shots.

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