Saturday, August 9, 2008

Singin' the Blues

A coyote's cry under a full harvest moon may remind prairie dwellers of the vast loneliness of the western plains. The howl of a timber wolf on a cold winter night may send shivers down the spine of the Mountie in his lonely log cabin (on the fourth floor of RCMP headquarters in Ottawa). But when Bobik and Volk decide to serenade us at 2:00 am, our emotions are much different.
Usually when Tanya speaks to them they listen up but good. Not at night. They listen to me. When I yell at them out teh bedroom window, they quieten right down. It is like they understand "Shut up you stupid mutts or I'll beat you within an inch of your life". Their master's voice.


  1. I have a video of Steve teaching our first dog, Tux, to howl when he was 7 weeks old. We thought it was so cute until he started howling every time he would hear a siren in the night. We took another video of him howling along while watching himself howl on the video. He never broke the habit until 2 1/2 years ago (he died). Now we live in a subdivision where the neighbor has 5 dogs that all start howling together and then the whole neighborhood joins in (the dogs that is). Of course it is the middle of the night. We call it choir practice. I would recommend a good set of ear plugs.

  2. When I lived in the Arctic, the neighbour's dog would howl for six months every night.


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