Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good grief, she is digging again

It must be officially fall as Tanya is back in her flower garden. She is never happier than when she is up to her elbows in mud, digging holes to plant or transplant flowers. Three months in spring and early summer, with a two month hiatus. Yesterday it was moving peonies, today planting tulips and dividing and transplanting flowers she had set out in the spring. We cut down a couple of trees to make a sunnier location for the plants and will be taking out a few more before we are done.
Tomorrow it is moving strawberries to their permanent home. She moved an old bed to a temporary location for the summer to make room for flowers in spring. She is slowly getting a plan in her mind where things will be. I will dig the soil up and she will do the moving of them to a permanent bed.

In a few years we will have lawn, flower beds, orchard and kitchen garden all as she wants. I have to admit her flower beds look lovely and I am sure proud of her work. And I need the exercise.

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