Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Jump Over the Wall

Bobik is being a brat. Brat, by the way, is the Russian word for brother (I can hear sisters everywhere saying Amen to that). He has discovered he can jump over the makeshift fence at the back of their yard. Bobik takes a running leap, hooks his front feet over and scrambles up and over to freedom. If I put him back in the yard, he is out and waiting at the front door for me before I get back. Volk just cannot figure it out so stays in his yard and crys by the gate.

Personally, I'd just let them both go but they roam the neighbourhood, chase chickens and cats and unforgiveably, hold wrestling matches in Tanya's flowerbeds. We have raised the fence several times but now need to rebuild it completely I guess.


  1. They are so adorable, I just want to eat them.

  2. Bobik is in very very deep doggy-doo. He retrieved two chickens for Tanya today. The first one was dead and he got severely scolded so the next one was still alive. And he still got severely scolded. He is confused. Also locked up until we get the fence fixed.


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