Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Married life

When married men get together in Canada they tell jokes like this:
Q: What food reduces a woman's sex drive 90%?
A: Wedding cake.
Q: How do you paralyze a woman from the waist down?
A: Marry her.
Q: What position is most common for love making between married couples?
A: Doggy style. The Husband sits up and begs. The Wife rolls over and plays dead.

When married women get togetherin Ukraine, they tell jokes like this:
Three women are walking home late at night. In the darkness they stumble over a naked man passed out on the roadside. They cannot see who it is. The first woman puts her hand on his privates and says, "It is not my husband". The second woman does the same and says, "No, Halya, it is not your husband". The third woman repeats the action and says, "Why, he is not from our village at all."

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