Monday, August 11, 2008

Masha's Birthday

Today, my step-granddaughter Maria (Masha) is five years old. We went this morning to wish her happy birthday "С днем рожденья!" and take her her gifts. She is getting a cat for her birthday so we brought her a little house*/bed for the cat, water and food dishes and most importantly a litter box. Masha is so excited to finally have a "friend" (her words) in her apartment.

Later in the day her parents drove her to Dnipropetrovsk to buy a cat. She is allergic to some cats so they needed to find a cat with very little hair**. She phoned her Babushka a little while ago (she has her own phone, her mother's old mobile, which she uses mainly to call her Babushkas) to tell her they had purchased a non-pedigreed Scottish Blue.

*No comments please about cat houses.
** If a camel with no hump is called Humphrey, any suggestions what to call a cat with no hair?


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