Thursday, August 21, 2008

Masha's Mobile

Masha loves having her mother's old mobile phone to talk to her Babushkas. Yesterday she phoned Tanya to say she had been at the shop with her mother and had asked for some toys. Her mother had refused and she was upset. Tanya replied that she had a house full of toys and didn't need any more.

Masha says, "They are all broken, Babushka".

Tanya says, "Well, that is your fault. You need to be more careful. Besides, you need books, not toys. You will start kindergarten this fall and need to learn to read. You do not need more toys".

"Babushka, I will not talk to you any more". Click.

But she phoned her back last night and said "When you get up tomorrow morning, will you go to Maxim and say hello to him from me".

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