Saturday, February 21, 2009

Car Insurance

Car insurance is an annual event that catches me off guard every year. Mostly because it requires a large sum of money which I don't have. This year was no exception. Our insurance was up today and the money to pay for the new contract finally arrived yesterday.

This is a cash society. Our insurance agent does not have a land line in his office and therefore does not have a credit card terminal. My bank (credit union) limits daily cash withdrawals so of course we had to take cash out yesterday and again today to get enough to cover the policy. The insurance agent cannot give us a receipt; he must deposit it in the bank, next door, and they issue a receipt in two copies, one for him and one for us. And charge 1% of the deposit for the service.

The insurance company is out of Vienna, Austria and the policy is quit different from anything I am used to. Not sure if it is how things are done in Europe or just in Ukraine. Our policy last year had a 1% deductible and would have cost us substantially more this year so we opted for a 10% deductible. There is no continuity of policy from year to year. Each policy is a one year stand alone. We had to take pictures of the car showing any damage so it would not be claimed against the new policy.

Cost us about $900 CAD or $750 USD. Not bad as long as I don't hit anything.

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