Thursday, February 26, 2009


Plumbing in Ukraine is not a trade as we know it in Canada. You cannot "call a plumber" to fix a leaky tap or unplug a clogged drain. Shops handle plumbing supplies but it is do-it-yourself or find a handyman (handyperson?). Which is why we have sewer gas coming back through the bathtub, water leaking from the drain in the kitchen sink and a banging tap in the upstairs bathroom. Our first handyman wasn't so handy. He has since moved to Moscow.

Yuri was here last night after work to repair the hot water shut off tap on our upstairs water heater. Just to explain, the heater is a 20 liter unit which is wall mounted in the upstairs bathroom. Downstairs hotwater is "on-demand" and our furnace doubles as the water heater. Anyhow the tap decided to come apart in the middle. Yuri was disgusted at whoever bought it as it was Chinese-made and therefore poor quality. (China knows it has quality problems, don't worry). We went together, Yuri and I to the hardware store and bought Italian-made. I offered him my teflon pipe tape but he rejected it in favour of tried and true calking fiber.

In Canada I could have replaced the tap. Here everything is so different. It is hard to explain how or why because it looks much the same. I'm glad we have a good handyman in the neighbourhood.

In other news I went for a haircut today. Last summer it cost me about $7 USD including tip, . Today it cost me more local currency but only $6 USD.


  1. Dad still has hair, four daughters notwithstanding.

    I consider that a major accomplishment for any man! Well done, Blog Fodder!

  2. The hair cut was US$6. What did the new tap cost? And could Yuri have used some of your hair for the calking fiber?

  3. It cost you $7 last year and $6 this year. Is that because you have less hair now?

  4. I get no respect. The new tap was $2.50 CAD and no, my hair is too short. Everybody's a critic


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