Saturday, February 14, 2009

Going for a Checkup

You talk about ugly? I went to a proctologist and he stuck his finger in my mouth. It isn't easy being me. I get no respect.

I had been feeling a bit lethargic lately, just wanting to sleep, no energy, etc. Also to borrow a metaphor from another blogger (you know who you are), I was afraid I might be needing arch supports, so I decided to have them check to see if I had one of those fallen prostates Lorne and I used to sing about in church. We called Ira (EEra), Tanya's nurse who set up an appointment with her husband who had checked me out the time my heart stood still. He set up an appointment with a Dr. friend of his, a specialist with a practice in Dnipro who comes to ZV on alternate weekends.

Dr Valerie (him) ran an EKG and said my heart was much better than last time. Good. Then Dr. Nellie (Can you believe it? Her name wasn't Natasha or Tanya or Galina) did an ultrasound on me. Never had an ultrasound before. Last time I saw that gadget we were pregnacy testing sheep, though the screen and console weren't so fancy. Boldly going where no man had gone before, she at least confirmed that "No, my head wasn't up there" and all was normal. More good.

Anyhow, since that end is normal, I guess all the problems are at the other end. I do take citalopram. It doesn't effect me at all but when I take it, I find that other people stop acting like complete a$$holes all the time and irritating me no end.

Spring is coming and soon I can work in the yard again. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are what I need.

This picture begs a caption. First prize a week in Moose Jaw. Second prize two weeks in Moose Jaw.


  1. "Viagra: When your old Howitzer isn't enough"

  2. FROM JOE: "When your Howitzer needs help, Viagra is your friend"

    (although viagra has never been a friend of mine.. it made me a promise and didn't keep it)

  3. OK. Two weeks in Moose Jaw for me and one week for Joe. How is that gonna work?

  4. OK. I'm good and mad just thinking about how good you are. I'm going to do a tribute to you on my blog. Not right this minute. I've gotta think of something to say that will hook'em.

  5. You say you have been lethargic, sleepy, no energy. Symptoms sound like sleep apnea.

  6. Picture caption: "Projectile Dysfunction"

  7. Allen, go to my site and read my LONG and illustrious tribute to you and your blog. The bill will be in the mail. I charge per word.

  8. Loved your blog. Dana sent me.

    No caption offered; I don't want a trip to Moose Jaw. :)

  9. Dana sent me, I'm glad she did!
    My Caption....
    Warning on a Viagra Lable:
    Side effects include headache, joint pain, swelling of the head. As illistrated in the photo, it may only work HALF the time.

  10. oh ..oh...I thought of another caption!
    This is what happens when you use the "generic brand" of Viagra.

  11. OK. Everybody wins. Feel free to spend a week in Moose Jaw at your leisure.

  12. OK Dana sent me too.

    and I don't think I can top "Projectile Dysfunction" from DCPower

  13. Isn't that the new Polish cannon? It shoots over cliffs.

    With any luck I'll win the Grand Prize a postcard from the first and second prize winners from Moose Jaw. That would be Dana and Joe right?

  14. Love your blog!
    Truth be told---Dana sent me...
    : )

    "Another victim of the falling economy?" (sorry, all of the good captions were already taken!!)

  15. Hey Pop,

    After close consideration, I think Uncle Davids is by a wide margin the best, and to attempt to top it would be pointless.

  16. I'm with your son. Uncle David wins it by a mile.

  17. I tend to agree with you on that!!

    My own entries would have been:
    "We fired our cannon till the barrel melted down" and
    "Don't go off half cocked"

  18. I'd leave a suggestion, but, as I've already spent time in Moose Jaw, the prize isn't appealing.


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