Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday on the Orthodox calendar. Tanya made bliny (crepes) and we took some with us when we went over to visit Masha and parents. Masha has a cold again and did not go to school this week. She is very susceptable to colds, it seems. We had a good visit - Masha "read" an ABC book to Tanya; each letter had a little six or eight line verse and she knew them all the way to M before she got bored and stopped. Then Tanya cut shapes from coloured paper and Masha glued them onto another paper to make a picture of a forest at night with a crescent moon, stars, fir trees, a rabbit and a fox.

We got home about 7:00 in the dark, just in time for the headlights to catch the tail end of two dogs disappearing up the road. The gate latch had just broken as we drove up and they were making good their escape. Bobik came home after a couple of hours. Volk never did come home until this morning. He was all contrite, rolling on his back in surrender. I threw him back in the pen and he seemed happy to be there. Bobik growled at him.


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