Thursday, February 19, 2009

Waiting in the Bread Line

Crazybearfeet was complaining that she hates going to different stores when she only needs a few things. She would go nuts in our favourite little grocery shop. Tonight I needed three things; bread, milk and ice-cream and had to go to three tills in the same store.

The shop is an old Soviet style full service store with five different tills each with its own staff person. Bread, pastry and chocolate. Fish, meat and canned goods. Dairy and general groceries. Alcohol and tobacco. Water, juice and ice cream. There was only a few other shoppers in the store so I didn't have to wait in line but at going-home time, the store is usually full and you can stand in lines for an hour to get a few things. When you get to the front of the line, you tell the staff person what you want and they fill your order, tally it up, take your cash and wait on the next person. Those who miss the personal touch of the old general store would feel right at home here. Tanya loves it. I hate it because I want to grab what I need and get out.

We both like the store because it has the best bread in town. So fresh from the local bakery it is often warm when we buy it. Their cheese, sausage and fish are also good quality and reasonably priced. Now I will go downstairs and make myself a sandwich.


  1. It's COLD out tonight and I swore that I was leaving the house for NOTHING less than a severed artery. But Lucky was out of dog food, so the three of us (Joe, Lucky and I) found ourselves at Krogers. Joe went in while Lucky and I stayed outside, watching the door he'd just disappeared through. Within minutes he was coming back. Dog food, check. Chips, check. cream for coffee, check. I'm so glad he didn't have to get in three lines.

  2. So I take it that nobody buys ice cream at the end of the day. When you got home you could pour a glass.

  3. Well, you don't want to buy the ice cream first, that is for sure. And since most people are walking, my guess is that it is for immediate consumption. It is mostly small individual variety type packages in that store.


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