Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Our friends Volodya and Valya (from whom we got our dogs last year) are now both retired. They stopped in for three hours yesterday while they were getting their car serviced. Valya and Tanya talk non-stop and Volodya and I just listen. Next week we are going to Dnipropetrovsk together just for the trip. We will rent a two bedroom flat for two nights and go to the Theatre. Last time I was there was two years ago to see the ballet Swan Lake. Can't recall exactly who is there this time but one of the evenings features a Mezzosporano I heard sing three years ago and really enjoyed.

Of course one cannot just GO to theatre. One must dress for the occasion. So today we went to buy a new long black skirt for Tanya. Choosing between chocolate and vanilla ice cream is a major decision so of course she has to try on and agonize over every item of clothing in the store that might fit. Three hours, two ladies-wear shops, and LOK how many outfits, we settled on four new tops. None of the skirts fit that she liked. And the tops were lovely and not too expensive.

I love clothes shopping with Tanya. If I can find a chair. Seriously, it is so much fun to watch. And she gets so excited when she gets a new outfit. Like a little kid. When we got home she tried everything on twice with different slacks and skirts, humming to herself, like she always does when she is happy.

We still need to find a skirt, but more likely in Dnipropetrovsk. There are a couple of stores she likes and then of course the big clothing market with literally hundreds of little shops all under one roof. She and Valya can shop for clothes. Volodya and I will go look at tools. The tool market is just down the street.

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