Sunday, February 22, 2009

This week's Caption Contest

Last week, I asked for captions for a silly picture and got 6 times normal comments on my blog. This old couple has always intrigued me as to what conversations they might have such as the example given. Lets hear your ideas.


  1. Herb: "Not sure, but I think the Viagra is working"
    Hanna: "Yeppers, that is what you said last year."


  2. Him: I just crapped my pants.

    Her: So did I.

  3. Well, this went over like a tub of soft poo. Thanks to the two who did comment.

    My captions are:
    What is that smell?

    The TV Evangelist prayed for me and nothing happened.
    Well, he said heal the sick, not raise the dead.

  4. 250 channels and nothing on.

    Herb "you figure out that remote?"
    Hanna "Nope"

    What are you lookin at?


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