Monday, May 11, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers; Mayflowers Bring Pilgrims

There are tulips everywhere in late April, early May. Some solid beds and some very pretty gardens. Our flower garden will take time but it is well on its way. Fancy tulip bulbs are relatively expensive so we have to be patient. Tanya bought three each of these frilly purple and red ones. the white petals on the ground ar efrom our yellow cherry tree. All it takes is a few years and we'll have a solid bed of them. She planted a number of very small bulbs that we dug up from an abandoned dacha yard. They have no flowers this year but should by next year.

This front flower bed represents about 10% of Tanya's flower beds. Another twice as big is full of roses and there are several other areas that will maintain flowers until snowfly. Will post pictures as they bloom.

There is a flower shop located in the same building as my hairdresser, so when I get a haircut, Tanya gets a new houseplant. We bought this Christmas Cactus a few weeks ago and it never stops blooming. My mom had one of those for ever and it bloomed constantly too. Not sure where it and her big fern ended up but in a good home, I know.


  1. Beautiful. I would never want to have to look after them, but they are gorgeous to look at.

  2. I'm jealous. The weather here has been so bad this year that the flowers came up went into half bloom and then stopped. I should post a photo.

  3. What you've got is beautiful. Here, April and May snows mean much-delayed flowers. Sigh! I wish I could get our garden to look even half this good.

  4. Nice pics dad. Call me this weekend at Bron's if you like. haven't heard boo from you, but I guess we were talking nearly daily for a while there.

  5. Cute flowers! Wish I can also add that to my garden. Thanks for sharing.



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