Friday, May 8, 2009


It rained all last night. A good slow soaker, finally. The garden soil is black, with the green shoots of corn, peas, beans, potatoes easily visible. The tomatoes and peppers transplanted a few days ago are all perky. Tanya's flowers look remarkable.

We didn't go to Dnipro today. Tanya had ordered a bunch of plants and bulbs from InterFlora Ukraine, back in mid March. They arrived today at the village post office so we drove out to get them. The puddles hid the depth of the holes in the road so I drove in 1st gear most of the way.

Tanya spent the afternoon sorting the bulbs and putting them in water to plant in a day or two. The plants coped with shipping fairly well, except a climatus which was mouldy. We took pictures of the climatus, a bad bulb and a rotten root of some kind and emailed them to the Dnipro office. They will replace them if they fail to grow. InterFlora Ukraine's late spring catalogue is on-line here.

In other new, I bought a new charger for AA NiMH batteries. The instructions come in 16 languages. Canadians who complain about French on their cornflakes box, all I can say is quitcherbitchin.


  1. Too bad she's not closer. I could use a gardener.

  2. She would love the opportunity to build you a flower garden. Of course you would have to look after it.

  3. Qu'est que sait le "cornflakes"?

  4. P.S.: I'll trade you some rain for some snow. We're supposed to get more of the white stuff in about three or four days. That's your "window of opportunity."

    Deal or no deal?

  5. "Le cross-cut saw" is what you use if you're a real "cut up" (in either of Canada's official languages).

    Oui? Non? Does it matter?


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