Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Runaway Bride (Part III – Failte’s Story)

While “Colombo” was in the house questioning Malachi, the other officers were outside in the front yard (recounted by Maxine). Failte came walking towards the house from the bus. They asked if she was going to this house and why and what her relationship to us was and she explained. “When was the last time you saw Evelyn?” Failte panicked. “Thursday…why!!?” So they explained.

She said to them “First I need to pray, right here, right now, silently…OK, I’m done”. They started asking her questions. “Did she know where I might have gone?” “Was there was a problem in the relationship?” She assured them that there was no problem between us and that she would know if there was. “Was there anyone I would visit?” “Yes she visits people all the time; she’s all the time helping people and visiting people!” (Thank you for saying something redeeming about me, after the state of my bedroom and bathroom) “But would she take the car?” “Yes.”

Then Failte noticed the side gate was open and thought for sure I had been abducted. The police admitted they had been in the backyard and garage and had left the gate open. Failte said “If her dogs get out, now THAT would be a crisis!” and shut the gate.

Eventually Failte remembered that I had told her she could use the car Tuesday and Thursday mornings. “What day is it?” she asked the police “Tuesday, 11AM”. She said “I know where she is! She’s at the university! She has Trym Gym classes. She told me she would take her gym clothes in her bag and her keys but not her purse. She walks there - to the university”.

So “Colombo” stayed here with Malachi while the other two officers and Failte came to find me at the university. That’s when they came to my classroom.

“Colombo” told Malachi that from now on he should pay much more close attention to my plans and what I was wearing etc. He also told Malachi “I have been working for the Calgary police force for 8 months now, and you’re the 6th normal (I’d get a second opinion) person I have met. Including my fellow officers”. Hahaha I loved it that he was ‘counting’ how many normal people he has met.

What a day. I will be making up a sign to put up every Tuesday and Thursday mornings:



  1. In the first paragraph, you need to put those cute little x's through Ev's name, leave it there and edit in Maxine's in beside it. Cute story and very typical knowing all three parties involved.

  2. Baha! I had to email Failte, to find out if it was for real. The most unbelieveable things happen in that house.

  3. Very funny. I like your choice of name Malachi :>

  4. DC - He was an OT prophet, too. And Maxine and Malachi McKwitless had a certain je ne sais quoit. I told Ev she needed her own blog.
    RTA - you are right about that entire household.
    Dwayne - I don't know how to do that on a blog. It has its own formatting rules.

  5. That is the greatest story ever.

  6. Only to them would this happen. My goodness. Too funny.

  7. Developing a new career in retirement are you? So far, so good.


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