Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tanya’s Flower Garden

My “brains” get sore if I sit at the computer too long, so I have not blogged for a day or two. To anyone who missed me, sorry. The only comfortable seat is the toilet and Tanya won't let me move the computer into the bathroom.

Yesterday Tanya said she was going to the market today. I said what for? She gave me the “Dumb Husband” look that all wives have perfected and we both burst out laughing. She said “I will finish my flower garden Sunday…I think…maybe…” (And if you believe that, I have ocean front property in western Ukraine, etc.).

She came home giggling like an idiot with four shopping bags loaded with perennials. For $30. Old Babushkas, trying to supplement their meagre pensions, sell flowers and plants thinned out from their gardens for far less than the nurseries, so I think she bought them all. We now have three more colours of Iris to add to the six colours we already have. I knew that was coming. She actually went to find light blue Iris. (Digging them up from the cemetery at night is just not cool).
Anyhow, here are a few more pictures of our front garden. The peonies are just starting to bloom. The book says peonies will not usually bloom for a year or two after transplanting. Tanya moved them all last year. August 25th, which is the magic date here, and they will all bloom, just a bit late. The side garden will be along soon; the roses are starting to bud.


  1. Just for the record, I really do miss you when you don't blog!! You and Bron keep me laughing and you seem to take the same days off ... STOP THAT!! Your "Great Balls of Fire" story made my sides hurt from laughing ... I let all my friends read it!! Hope we see you in September.

  2. Oops! The purpose of my comment was to congratulate Tanya on such a beautiful garden!! Wish I could have a cup of coffee in it!

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous. Tell Tanya her garden looks great!

  4. It does look great. Bet I could kill it within a week.

  5. Congratulations to Tanya on the beautiful flowers.

    And I hope you are soon blogging comfortably.

  6. I don't like planting flowers because I always start hating them because they can't exist without me watering them. I've never seen a woman with a watering can out in the middle of a field of flowers.

    By the way, before the swelling goes down, don't flush while you're still sitting on the toilet.

  7. Wow! What wonderful pix of the garden. If mine were 10% as good as Tanya's, I'd feel like I'm a very lucky gardener.

    BTW, speaking of pictures, when do we get to see your post-surgery pictures?

  8. No Rob we can do without the pictures. This is a family friendly site of sorts.

    Just planted my veggies. I'll water them keep them amused and let nature take it's course.

  9. I demeur -- I mean "defer" -- to your wisdom.


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