Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today's Stories

Maxim was quite proud to tell Tanya yesterday that HIS Baba Lucia had a delphinium in her garden and Tanya didn't. Today at the market Tanya spotted a delphinium and bought it in a flash. She can hardly wait to see Maxim's face when she tells him that now SHE has one, too. Children!

Kuchma got his revenge for rescuing the swallow the other day. He got one this morning. Tanya took the broom to him, which likely won't deter him. Reminded me of the little girl digging a hole in her back yard. Neighbour asked what she was doing. "Burying my dead canary". "That is a pretty big hole for a canary". "It's inside your cat".

Lena's mother gave herself a black eye while Lena and Roman were here. Left the spoon in her cup and took a fast drink of tea. Reminded Tanya of the Russian tourist drinking tea somewhere in Europe. Waitress says "You are from Russia". "Yes, how did you know?" "You left the spoon in the cup". Next restaurant he is in, he takes the spoon out of the cup. Waitress says "You are from Russia". "How do you know?" "You put the spoon in your pocket".


  1. You must remember that cats will swallow swallows at any given opportunity. I thought you were going to end the story of the little girl with Tanya burying Kuchma. But, no, it didn't end that way -- yet.

  2. She has threatened. Next bird might make it happen.
    I have a friend who in previous times used to scatter bird seed on his deck because it was cheaper than cat food.

  3. Bird seed on the deck is demented. And funny, in a very sad way.

  4. Kuchma got another. The remaining swallows (there were two pairs)have abandoned the nest. I will miss them this summer.


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