Sunday, May 3, 2009

One Month Later

Our front flower garden (OK, Tanya's front flower garden) did some serious growing since I took the first picture just before we left for Truskavets. We were at our friend Valya's greenhouse on Friday and bought a bunch of bedding plants and today went back for more. In another month the place should be covered with blooms.

In other news, we have two sets of swallows sharing the nest in our passageway. They cleaned it out the other day, carrying trash outside and depositing it somewhere out of the way. One swallow had a close call with death today. The door was shut and the window is tricky to fly out of, as it opens from the top and sort of tilts back. I walked into the room and there were two swallows in there. One panicked and tried to fly through the glass. It fell momentarily to the ledge and was promptly grabbed by Kuchma who had followed me in. He took off running into the house, where Tanya rescued the bird without too much damage, if any at all.


  1. WOW! The garden looks amazing!
    At work (a garden cneter) we have a Dove who dropped an egg in our mulch display, she returned a couple days later and dropped a 2nd egg. She now sits in the mulch display, we posted a small sign...asking that people not disturb her...nature is awesome!

  2. AirmanMom: sounds like the nuthatches who carved a nest in our apple tree -- about a yard from the back corner of our house. Yeah, nature is awesome.

    Blog Fodder: Does Tanya trust you enough to let you get close to the (her) garden, even with a watering hose?

  3. You notice the last shot was overhead, from our balcony, Rob.

  4. A shot taken from the balcony? Yup, that's all the explanation I need.

  5. RB, What you don't see is Tanya's butt, hidden by the month earlier insert. She threatened bodily harm if I so much as kept the picture.

    AM, Tanya's garden will be very beautiful and more so every year as it fills up with perennials.


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