Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bloomin' Idiots

Tanya planted these flowers in late Oct.  I should say transplanted.  Bought from someone at the market.  They bloomed in early November and have continued to bloom since, oblivious to the cold and damp.

Other cases of Bloomin' Idiots are less positive.  The nightclub fire at Perm, Russia in which about 120 people have died last count.  Only one door unlocked.  The pensioners in Lugansk Ukraine whose allotment of government coal was so dirty and gravelly that it will hardly burn and throws little heat.  Whoever got teh contract pocketed the difference in cost and likely split it with the person responsible for investigating the crime.


  1. The situation with the flowers is easily explained -- global warming.

    Those fire deaths -- how horrid! And how satupid.

    And for the coal, I think your analysis is entirely correct. Sadly.

  2. There actually is a flower called the "Bloomin Idiot" that a neighbor grew when I was a kid. It has a long stem with a pom pom type flower on top. But then as you say there are those other bloomin idiots.

  3. It's nice to see flowers. It's -30 C here. Sigh.

  4. RB - do I detect a note of scepticism regarding global warming?
    D - I will try to find that flower as it would be great to have it in our garden.
    N - it is now -1 here with snow cover as of Monday. Next week to -15.

  5. No skepticism regarding global warming. It really is happening. But to what extent is it a natural phenomenon, and to what extent is it a product of human activity?

    Aye, there's the rub.

    That being said there are abundant reasons for "cleaning up our act" in terms of the environment. Our own health is the first one.


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