Saturday, December 5, 2009

Please Wait While I Reload

Got my computer back by 11:00 this morning and have been loading and downloading ever since.  Starting over with older software meansre downloading all the updates, patches and Service Packs at painfully slow speeds. 

And of course there is always HewlettPackard.  Their hardware is excellent.  I bought an HP laser printer when I first started on my own in 1997 and it ground away at 8 pages per minute for 10 years.  I have a big 5590 Scanjet and a little photo scanner.  They work well IF you can get the software to install properly.  HP software has given me nothing but headaches.  First off, their internet registration and updating has NEVER worked on any software I ever installed as it "Cannot contact the internet.  Be sure you are connected".  I owned a 5550 scanjet and one of the program files was a *.tmp, which disappeared every time you did a computer clean up as it searches for tmp files to delete.  That took a while to figure out.  Then the 5590 software would not work properly on my desktop but would on my laptop.  The nice lady in Mumbai had no clues about that. 

The 5590 software was working fine on my desktop computer until I sent it for Dusting and Cleaning; now it won't reinstall properly.  From the CD or from the download.  GGGRRRRR!!! 

Took a couple of hours away from the desk to get the snow tires put on.  Remove wheels, remove and replace tires, balance, replace wheels.  Took an hour and cost $16, including Nitrogen gas in the tires.  I picked up Masha on the way home.  She was allowed to come visit without her mother today.  My Tanya remarked that "It will snow tomorrow".  Much gentler than "Hell must have frozen over".

Babushka and Masha decorated the upstairs tree.  In a few days I will post pictures of our decorations but "WE" are a long way from finished.


  1. The next time you get a new computer buy a Mac. Unless it's a hardware problem you can fix it in less than an hour yourself.

  2. D - everyone tells me the same thing. Buy a Mac. If all the siftware I used worked on Mac, I likely would. Apparently there is a software package that will allow you to run Windows on a Mac but that sounds complicated.
    I will stick to the devil I know rather than switch to the saint I don't.


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